"I have come that they might have life and have it to the full..." -John 10:10b

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Starting Over

Life moves at a mind-altering pace.

And them sometimes, it seems to come to a total standstill.

And neither tends to happen when you want it to.

Life for me these days is mind-altering, mind- numbing and mind-blowing.

In good ways and in bad.

But the bad ways aren't really all that bad.

And the good ways are really, really good.

So I still consider myself extremely blessed.


With the holidays upon us the to-do list is ever growing.

My day to day events, although not uber exciting, make my days full.

Between raising children, keeping a home, going back to school full time, filling cupcake orders and keeping Charlie from chewing on every toy that the girls so nonchalantly leave in the floor, my days are anything but boring.

And there's something else about this season that is untellable.

I say untellable because it's not really a secret,

its just not something I want to announce on the internet, either.

But the time will come when I can tell the untellable.

And then maybe, the fact that I haven't blogged regularly for almost 6 months will be forgiven.

But I will try to ease myself back into the blogosphere in the coming months. The girls continue to grow at lightning speed rates and they say things that I hate haven't been documented properly.

Leaves on the Water

So here I am.


Starting over.


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