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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Last Week in Hawaii

As I mentioned before, the time between when we were notified we were leaving, the when we actually had to leave was less than 2 weeks. That is VERY little time to pack and ship everything and move it overseas.

Still, the Air Force personnel were more than accommodating at helping us complete the ginormous task and everything went fairly smooth. Only a few minor hiccups.

We ended up practically camping out in our empty house for a few nights on air mattresses before we could move into a temporary living facility on base. Paul and I got ZERO sleep in that time. We had two sick kids that had been completely thrown off their routine. The first night we were there, I seriously played musical beds. I started out in one with Izzy, jumped over to Eva's for a while, slept on the sofa pull out next to Paul for a little bit and then ended back up in the bed I started in with Izzy. I had no idea that would be the beginning of some pretty exhausting sleep issues for Izzy.

When it was finally the day to fly out, Izzy woke up with a 102 degree fever. She looked miserable. But, with the assistance of many doses of children's Tylenol (hold your horses...not all at once) she managed to get through the 10 hours of flying time with only a few small bouts of fussiness. She slept a majority of the trip, thank goodness.

Once we arrived in Baltimore, we were greeted by my mother and father in law (Masie and Yosie) at the airport and shortly thereafter, we bundled up the best we knew how and pushed our luggage out into the cold air. VERY cold air.

Eva thought it was great. She was giggling with excitement and kept asking if we were going to build a snowman. Izzy...not so much.

When the shuttle to our hotel finally arrived, we all hopped on board fiending for the heat inside. The driver must have noticed our blue lips because he pushed the heat up as high as it would go and before long we were nice and toasty. However, the people who are used to a cold winter were sweating but whatever...it was a short trip to the hotel.

We stayed one night in a suite with one king size bed and a sofa pull out. Paul and I, along with both the girls, immediately crashed in the king bed completely jet lagged and wanting our sick babies to get as much rest as possible. Probably not the best idea because both girls were WIDE awake at 1am and talking up a storm. Paul and I did our best to hush them, and then finally realized it was a lost cause as we were pretty wired as well. To all of us, it only felt like 8pm. So, we talked and giggled quietly in our family bed trying not to wake Masie and Yosie on the pull out in the next room.

The next morning we ate breakfast in the room, packed everything up again, bundled the girls and started the drive to Stafford, VA to visit with Lina (Paul's sister), Craig and Brooke.

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