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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Culinary Experimentation

I made turkey burgers tonight for dinner. I made turkey burgers knowing full well that Éva would NOT be interested in them and I didn't feel like making two seperate meals, so while Paul and I ate turkey burgers and tortilla chips, Éva had cereal...and a few tortilla chips.

As I set the bowl of Little Einstein's cereal in front of Éva today, I wondered how she might do with it. She eats cereal often, and she drinks milk even more, but today was one of the first times we've combined the two. And I have to say, she did great. Minor droppage and the mess wasn't as bad as I imagine it could've been. However, there was a moment of concern when I watched her scooping up cereal from her bowl, like you would salsa, with a tortilla chip. I kept watching as she slowly brought the concoction up to her mouth and took a ginormous bite. She made a face, studied the chip and went back for more. All I could do was stare. Really? Tortilla chips and cereal?

But then I remembered the first time I heard about melon and proscuitto or American cheese and apple pie. These combinations confused and baffled me, until I actually tried them and discovered that they were absolutely delicious.

So I've drawn this conclusion. I think my daughter is a culinary genius in the making. Perhaps she noticed how the artificial lemon flavor of her cereal played nicely against the salty corn flavor of the chip. Perhaps she appreciated the smoothness of the skim milk on the back of her throat and it's contrast to the crispness of the chip and the sogginess of the cereal. I don't know guys...I think she may be on to something. I mean, I'm not about to try it, but I think we may have another Giada waiting in the wings.

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Tales from Goshen on November 21, 2008 at 3:42 PM said...

Girl, I love you. I love how you think and how you write and just you in general. How I miss you. But I love the snippets of your life I get to watch via blogland.