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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Today started early. I woke up around 6:30 to prepare my 13 lb turkey with a butter/herb massage, courtesy of Paula Dean. Sounds simple, right? It should have been. When I was finally able to release the bird from it's packaging, I then had the un-nerving task of removing the neck and giblets. I know that this is most likely NOT a big deal for many, but it happens to make me want to vomit. So, there I am, bed head, morning breath, pj pants and elbow deep in my turkey. I pulled out the neck with ease and then went hunting around for the "goody bag." I couldn't find it. A plethora of concerns coursed through my amateur mind. Did this turkey just not have giblets? Did they forget to give me giblets? Was this a special turkey where the processor de-giblets the turkey for you? What if I roast it and the giblets are still hiding in there. Will I inadvertently cause my beloved family to come down with some foreign strain of salmonella or something? There was only one thing to do...call Mommy.

Only Mommy was in the shower preparing to go to CRACKER BARREL for Thanksgiving. Just as I was about to take my chances and ask my Dad what he knew about turkey giblets, out they fell. Right into the bottom of my sink. A deep sigh of relief followed soon thereafter and I told my dad all was fine. He gave me a semi-sarcastic "okay" and we hung up the phone.

Oh and that was just the beginning my friends. I soon realized that I not only had very limited time to cook all that needed to be cooked, but I also had very limited space in my oven. I had done some prep work the night before, but not enough (note to self for next year). The turkey was roasting away, but I still had two desserts to bake, a green bean casserole and sweet a potato casserole that all required the oven. So, by this time, it's almost 8 and I decide to call my friend Kasey. She'll know what to do...she knows everything.

She generously offered her oven and I decided that the Pumpkin Cheesecake was the most delicate of all the dishes and probably needed it's own, ample oven space. Off I went with the girls in their carseats and my un-baked cheesecake sloshing unpredictably in the passenger side floor board of my Escape. Kasey lives a mere 3 minutes away but I drove so slow and took every turn with such care that it took me almost 15 minutes to get there. When I finally arrived on her street, there was NO parking so I had to park half way on her drive way with the back half of my small SUV hanging out onto the street (as if they didn't have problems enough with their neighbors and the parking situation). I unloaded the girls and the cheesecake and made my way into the house where Kasey was sweeping her kitchen floor with big plans to mop it after.

**Side note: We're potty training Eva. It's going well, day 3 and about 5 accidents total so far.
**Double side note: Kasey lives in a brand new house on base and if anything is damaged or ruined in there, it comes out of her pocket.

I handed Izzy off to Ben, slid the cheesecake in the oven and went to sit in the living room. Eva immediately threw a random tantrum (still have NO clue what it was all about) and got very clingy very fast. It was only when Isabelle offered her a banana that Eva finally calmed down and off the two went into the freshly swept kitchen. Well, after the banana, they decided they wanted rolls. Crumbly, Hawaiian, sweet rolls. I gave Kasey the "sorry I'm such a total inconvenience" look and she assured me it was fine as she handed the girls each a roll. Meanwhile, she stayed camped out by the kiddie table, sweeping the crumbs as they fell.

Once the girls were satisfied, they scurried back into the living room and I stood in the kitchen to talk with Kasey as my cheesecake baked slowly in her oven. And then, I heard the plea for help. "Momma, big girl potty! Big girl potty!" Only, it was too late for the big girl potty as Eva had pee streaming down her leg and right onto Kasey's off white carpet. I scooped her up, willing the stream of urine to stop (only it didn't) and rushed her in to the kitchen sink. But by that point, not only was their a puddle in the carpet, but a whole trail of pee all the way through the passway from living room to kitchen. Again, I gave Kasey the "I know I'm a horrible Mother and friend for bringing her here without a pull-up, please forgive me" look and she politely replied with a "it's fine, really."

Poor Ben pulled out their steam cleaner and started spot cleaning while Kasey disinfected the kitchen floor and I cleaned Eva up in their sink. At this point, I'm feeling like a total inconvenience and I'm just praying that my dumb cheesecake will hurry up and bake so I can get me and my crazy kids out of their hair.

Well, the cheesecake was only supposed to take 35 minutes to bake. And maybe it's because I live in the middle of the ocean or something weird like that, but an hour later, the middle of the cake had finally set and I was able to pull it out and be on my way.

So, when I got home, I proceeded to finish the turkey, bake the apple pie, whip up the potatoes and fluff the stuffing all before my dear friend Patrice showed up to help me finish up the rest. She contributed a yummy green bean casserole and a scrumptious sweet potato casserole as well as some super enjoyable company for the day!

It was so nice to spend some time with her. We met for the first time 5 years ago in Basic Training for the Air Force. We graduated on the same day from different flights and went to both Texas and California together. We didn't hit it off immediately, but we realize now it was because our personalities are not too different from one another. It's so neat to look back at where we were when we first met. Fresh and naive, full of anticipation of what the future would hold for us, being so sure that our lives would go in separate directions, to now. We're both wives and mothers (Patrice is 5 months along with baby #2), we've been through some similar trials and experienced some of the same joys and we're able to look at our friendship with new eyes. And I love what I see in her!

Anyway, it may have been a hectic start, but all in all, a very happy Thanksgiving Day. I was surrounded by people I love and admire and am extremely thankful for. I hope you can all say the same for yourselves. Happy Thanksgiving.

P.S. Kasey, again I'm SO sorry about the accident on your carpet. You know I love you...right?!?

2 comments on "Happy Thanksgiving"

Lorene Huffman on November 28, 2008 at 9:39 PM said...

OMG Anne, a new, expectant, first-time mother should not read this post! LOL I had to read it to Norm and tell him these are the stories we have to look forward to. LOL By the way, we both think you're an amazing writer...I love your piece about the rainy day. You put into words EXACTLY how I feel about it! Ah, so refreshing.

Emily said...

I LOVE that you put up a picture of you and Patrice! I havent seen any pics of either of you lately and Ive been asking for some preggers pics from you know who but shes stubborn! Love you girls!...Oh and I cant wait to try out the butternut squash soup! Yummy!