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Saturday, November 22, 2008

On a Day Like This

This morning, Paul and I woke up to a rainy, breezy, calm, beautiful day. I love mornings like this one. They're somewhat rare on the island, but a day like this brings relief from the routine heat and humidity and gives you the small sense of the Winter season. We won't have snow, or temperatures in the 20's, but at least we'll have a few days like this.

I'm normally not able to sleep in past 7 or so, but on a day like this one, the sound of steady rain on my rooftop keeps me dreaming just a bit longer. When I awoke around 8, I was in the bed alone. Paul had let me take the extra hour for myself and I'm so grateful he did. As I rolled over on my back, I turned my head toward my open window and took a deep breath. Oh, I love that smell. Fresh rain. It's like a cleansing. Washing away all the drama and frustration from the day before and starting new and clean.

And call me Eeyore, but I adore a dreary day. The sky is a misty gray and even the green on the trees seems a bit more subdued. Only the sound of the rain on the trees and pavement, and a few brave birds chirping across the yard as the rest of them have hunkered down in their nests to wait it out. Just like I like to do on a day like this. Open all the windows, bury myself under a thick blanket, turn on a classic like Pride and Prejudice or Meet Me in St Louis, turn down all the lights and just nest. Perfect.

And one thing we can rest assured on out here on Oahu; after a rain like this rain, there is sure to be a beautiful rainbow not far behind.

1 comments on "On a Day Like This"

Shawn Michel de Montaigne on November 22, 2008 at 2:05 PM said...

Very beautiful.

My best to you and your family, as well as this blog.

I'm in agreement about the misty day bit. We're having one here today. Very pleasant.