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Sunday, August 31, 2008

My Favorite Picture

This is my most favorite picture of Paul. This picture is the first time I ever saw him. Oh yes, there is a story behind it...sorry Emily...I've got to tell it!

My friend and room-mate at DLI, Emily, came home one night after spending the evening in downtown Monterey while I stayed home to watch a chick-flick...I think...I can't quite remember what I was doing that night and why I wasn't with her. Anyway, upon her return, she mentioned to me that she had met this really cute guy and she took his picture. I think it was the next day that we went and got her photos developed and I was able to see this guy she kept talking about. And this was the photo she showed me.

Now, keep in mind that my dear friend was interested in him, so I couldn't appear interested myself. But when I saw this picture, my heart jumped out of my chest. I thought he was beautiful! I nonchalantly said something along the lines of.."Oh yeah...he's cute."

So, that evening, she convinced me to go out with her to meet this picture perfect guy. I wasn't feeling totally up to it, but I agreed and a group of 4 of us headed down to a Mexican restaurant on Canary Row called El Toritos. Once we got there, Em got a phone call from the picture guy and his buddy saying that they needed a ride. So of course, Em grabbed me and said, "Come with me to pick them up!"

10 minutes later, we were pulling up to the curb of the male dorms on the DLI campus and there he was...the picture guy...beautiful. He and his buddy climbed into the back seat and although his buddy was very loud, picture guy didn't say a word. I looked over at Emily and gave her a "thumbs up" with my eyes and off we went to the restaurant.

Now, something to be said about my dear friend Emily...she can talk to anybody! And she will. She's crazy outgoing and super sociable and that's why I've loved her from the moment I met her. So, we're at the restaurant and Em is being very sociable and talking up everyone at her end of the table...and then there's my end of the table. Paul is sitting across from me and we are not talking...at all. So lame. Paul tends to play it cool when first meeting some one new and I didn't quite know what to do with him because he was somewhat off limits to me.

All of the sudden, Em grabs my arm and pulls me into the nearest restroom for a "secret meeting." This is where she informs me that Paul is staring at me and that I need to talk to him. I looked at her like she was nuts! Why on earth would he be into me?!? "Talk to him!" she said. So, with her permission, I walked out, sat back down and reached out my hand to introduce myself. "I don't think we've officially met...I'm Anne." His eyes lit up as he took my hand, "I'm Paul."

And the rest is history...

Thanks Em! Many people claim to be the reason Paul and I met, but he and I both know, it was all because of you and your perfect picture!

1 comments on "My Favorite Picture"

Emily said...

Thats hilarious! The funniest part is that I totally dont remember anything leading up to the secret talk! I love you guys so much!