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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Old Man in my Bed?!?

We are co-sleepers with our newborns. Éva slept with us until she was almost 5 months old and Izzy starts in her crib and ends up in our bed most nights. Many a doctor has slapped me on the wrist for this, but those doctors are also male and have no idea what it's like to have to get out of bed to breastfeed 4-6 times in one night. It's so much easier to have baby in bed with you so that you can easily turn over to nurse while you and baby drift back to sleep together. I know there are stories of parents rolling over on their children, but more often than not, those stories include the use of drugs or alcohol.

And Paul and I have no choice but to be totally aware of Izzy's existence in our bed all throughout the night because of her constant grunting. No, she doesn't have gas or need to burp...she's just a sleep grunter. It seriously sounds like an old man using every ounce of his strength to lift his frail body out of a recliner. She looks so peaceful when she's sleeping...and then the grunting starts.

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Tales from Goshen on September 7, 2008 at 8:21 PM said...

Anne, sounds like August. He has kept me awake for hours sometimes with his grunting. Although his usually lead up to a monstrous poo. Or a series of poos.. And as to the co-sleeping, you know I'm all about it. I probably take it to the extreme and am now paying the consequence. I have to lay down with B to get her to go to sleep, then sneak out. There is a lot of literature out there that advocates co-sleeping as part of attachment parenting. Check it out! Love yoU!