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Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Room

For those of you that don't know, my little sister Jessica lived with us for about 8 months this past year. We loved having her and even took the time to give her a special room. We painted the walls hot pink and got her some zebra striped bedding. It was a pretty cool room, if you ask me.

Well, the thing about living in military housing is, you have to paint over any painting you've done while you lived there with a neutral cream color before you move out. No big deal...except when you're trying to paint over hot pink! The job is so daunting that every time Paul goes in there to start it, he ends up turning around and walking out. Poor guy. He has managed to get half the room primed...but that was 2 months ago.

It reminds me of that episode of Friends when Chandler discovers that Monica has a locked closet that no one has ever been in. At the end of the show, he finally gets it open only to be shocked that "neat-freak" Monica has a messy closet! Well, we don't have a messy closet...we have "the room"...half primed, furniture randomly placed throughout and the door closed...always closed!

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