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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Painting Project

My neighbor, Michelle, is crazy creative and always comes up with the cutest projects and crafts to do with her kids. She's an excellent scrap-booker and makes the sweetest cards by hand with her massive assortment of stamps and decorative papers. I keep telling her she should start an Etsy shop but I don't think she realizes how good she really is.


A few days ago, Michelle knocked on my door and when I opened it she immediately held out an open plastic bag full of kitchen/cleaning utensils from the dollar store. There were sponges, dusters, squeegies and much more. I gave her a somewhat puzzled look and she explained that she thought it would be fun for the girls to paint with them. "Oh okay," I started and then the idea registered..."OH YEAH, that WOULD be cool."

So this morning, we dressed our eldest girls (she also has two little girls) in oversized dark colored t-shirts and wondered out into the overcast morning as our babies were asleep for their morning naps. We laid out large sheets of newsprint paper and squirted primary colored temper paint onto red plastic plates. We then unleashed our children, painting tools in hand. Emma started with a nifty little duster and Eva went with the classic paint brush (she's much like her momma; we tend not to think outside the box on our own).

An hour and half later, Michelle and I both had garage doors full of colorful masterpieces and two very proud little girls.

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