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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Eve

This Christmas, we were very blessed to have my brother, Justin here. He flew in at 9am on Christmas Eve morning, just in time to catch a few z's and be up in time for a little shin dig at our house.

Being that two of my 4 siblings were going to be here, I tried to make the night memorable by making all of the finger foods that my mom used to make for us on Christmas Eve. I made sausage bisquick balls, snickerdoodles, ham rolls, queso dip and my sister in law, Jacquie as well as my friend, Kasey supplied some very yummy additions of their own.

It was a very nice time and I enjoyed being around my brothers so much. Kasey got a kick out of seeing the three of us together and picking out the features that we all have in common. Of course, we can't see at all where we look alike, but it's nice to know that we do to other people.

Before everyone got here, Paul took the opportunity to try out his new camera and snap some pictures of the girls in their matching Christmas pj's.

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