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Monday, May 4, 2009

Ode to Mother's Day

**The following post was written by my mother as her entry for a recent give-away. She never actually got to enter, but her Mother's Day memoirs are so precious to me, and I thought it would be fun to share them with you! They are sweet sentiments about the things she has always loved most about that special Sunday in May. Enjoy!**

When asked , “what was your favorite mother’s day?”…it’s like asking me which kid is my favorite. It’s very subjective. I may be in an “Anne” mood and remember all the creative cards she made with care for my special day. But then I remember, she always made me cards for everything. Sometimes just to make me one. That doesn’t make Mother’s Day more special, it just made me feel special every day. In recent years , I have also received journals from Anne. Anyone who knows Anne, knows she loves to write about everything and just seems to think I should too. I have about 10 journals now, all with a couple of pages written in them. I like journaling like Anne likes scrapbooking. So then I think of “Justin” and what kind of memories I had of Mother’s Day with him. I don’t remember homemade cards, not even fancy flowers, I just remember that when he said the words “Happy Mother’s Day” with that grin of his, I would melt. I’m not sure how he did it, but something in his eyes just made me believe that he really, really wanted me to have a great Mother’s Day. He was not always on time, but he was always sincere. My number three child is also very creative, but in a different way. I would say that “Ryan” always surprised me with his ability to pull things together to make me a gift for Mother’s Day. He was a ring leader of sorts, convincing the other kids to work together making breakfast while he created something special for Mom. One year it was a 4 candle, lava rock centerpiece … Impressive, and still used. More recently, it was a framed picture with the word “mother”, written by Ryan in Chinese (At least I hope that’s what it says). The last of the boys is Gabriel and he is the “goofy” one. Gabe is a “hugger” and I mean a real hugger. When I think of Mother’s Day and Gabriel, I always knew that I would have a day of “hugs” because he wanted me to know that I was special to him. Sure, there would be a card and sometimes even a gift, but mostly there were bear hugs. Last in our quiver is Jessica. At the age of 15, I believe she has been willing to do whatever her siblings were doing and basically following along. This will be the first Mother’s Day where she will be the only one at home. Last year she had the opportunity of living with her sister, Anne and brother, Ryan, in Hawaii, so we did not celebrate Mother’s Day together. Last year, there was no one here and I can honestly say, it was a very reflective day. My hubby in all his wisdom, took me out to a nice lunch and basically let me cry all day. Warning, this can happen when you turn 51, you’re hormonal and don’t have a cat, dog or yard to keep you busy. I look forward to this Mother’s Day, one of the few I have left with a child at home. I would say to young mothers, enjoy these days of spaghetti hands, chocolate fingers and pulled up flowers. Cherish those little fingers, toes and tummies. Consider yourselves blessed.

The smell of Mother’s day…

Because I’ve been through quite a few Mother’s Days, I will write about some of my favorite things about past Mother’s Days. Daddy taking the kids to the store to “do something they need to do.” Waking up to the smell of eggs, grits and bacon…and sometimes pancakes. Walking in the kitchen and watching the kids setting the table with a sense of pride. Sitting at the head of the table enjoying my breakfast, while the kids listened to me read each card…out loud. Receiving gifts that were made, put together, or bought. Heading to church with the whole gang “dressed and pressed”. The traditional lunch “somewhere” so Mom wouldn’t have to cook. Taking a nap for as long as I wanted (sigh). Just reflecting and talking until time for bed. Looking in to the precious faces of each one of my babes, knowing that these days would not last forever, but still counting myself blessed.

My favorite Mother’s Day will be when all my kids call “on time” to wish me one.

-Cindy (aka Mom)

3 comments on "Ode to Mother's Day"

emily said...

Im all welled up! I think your mom should totally win!

lisa stagg on May 4, 2009 at 8:08 PM said...

Anne...love your mother so much!! She will always be one of my dearest friends. I think of her often even though I rarely get to spend time with her. It's amazing how much impact someone can have on your life when they only pass through it for a season. Your mom is like that...she always makes an impact!!! I wish I could spend a week with her just catching up. Give her a hug for me when you see her. Also, thanks so much for inviting me to read your blog. I love keeping up with my "young" friends through the blogging world!! Happy Mothers Day...Lisa

Patrice on May 6, 2009 at 6:37 AM said...

I'm sobbing because...You are your mom and that's going to be us one day. Maybe not with that many kids though!