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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Rain and Elizabeth Bennet

I do love rainy days. They're so...so...Pride and Prejudice. And I mean, who doesn't love Pride and Prejudice?!?

Through the Window

And even though I can't spontaneously decide to talk a walk in the morning mist like my dear friend Elizabeth Bennet, I can sit at my breakfast table and gaze out the window with a hot cup of coffee and dream of of walking along side her, listening to her stories about Mr. Darcy and recanting stories of my own.
Rainy Day

We would talk of books and music and our crazy families but how we can't help but to love them despite all of their flaws. We would speak of our favorite things to do...I'm sure she would've hated scrap booking almost as much as I do.
Through the window 2

But I'm guessing that she would've loved photography if the modern conveniences of the hobby had been available to her.
Rainy Day

Rainy days make me think of her.

Even if our walks together only exist in my mind.

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