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Friday, September 12, 2008

Name Change

As much as I ADORE being a mom and for all the years that I looked forward to being called, "Momma," there are some days when the sound of "Momma" just grows tiring. C'mon all you mothers of two year olds out there...you know what days I'm talking about.

Those days, when it seems your toddler is under your feet every single minute of your 16 waking hours. You try everything you can possibly think of to entertain or distract your youngin' so that you can at least have a shower if not get some house work done. And just when you think you've got it, as she is playing nicely in her room, you run down stairs to sweep and mop the kitchen, sure that you have at least 20 minutes.

But no sooner than you've grabbed the broom from the laundry room, you turn around and there she is. She has already grown bored of playing in her room with the hundreds of dollars worth of toys you've bought over the last two years and she's looking to you to entertain her. So, you take a deep breath, put your broom down and ask her what she would like.

"Momma, juice?"
"No juice, hun. You've had enough juice today."
"Momma, fruit snacks?"
"No, no fruit snacks...too much sugar."

And down the list she goes until you finally agree on something...grapes. Yes, grapes are fine. So, you sit her on the rug in front of the kitchen sink with grapes and a cup of milk and you're positive that will buy you 10 minutes. You can't mop, as she is in the kitchen floor, but you could quickly clean the downstairs bathroom!

There you are, in the middle of wiping down the toilet seat with a Clorox disinfectant wipe and you're startled by a "Momma?"

"Yes Baby, whats up?"
"Momma, color?"
"Hang on babe, let Momma finish this real quick"
"Momma, movie?"
"Just a minute, hun. Momma is almost done."
"Momma, outside?"
"Okay, you need to go sit in the kitchen and wait for me."
"Momma, story"
"Get in the kitchen right now"
"That's it!!! I'm changing my name and I'm NOT telling you what it is!"

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Tales from Goshen on September 14, 2008 at 7:46 PM said...

Oh, sweetie. How I feel ya. And it gets weirder when they start saying, "Mom" just to mix things up. Or when they hear your husband call you by your given name and they cock their head to the side, process this and chirp out, "Hey Ashley!" That really throws you for a loop. And you suddenly want to be Mommy again.