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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New Shoes

Here in Hawaii, and perhaps other places, Crocs are THE shoe for kids and toddlers. You cannot go anywhere on this island and not see at least 10 kids walking around with these brightly colored shoes and there various ornaments, or Jibbitz, as they are called. They seem to be the perfect shoe for the climate and lifestyle here; well ventilated, easy to put on and a laid back style...kids even wear them with their Sunday clothes (including Éva).

Éva has now gone through 2 pair of lime green Crocs in the last year or so. However, last month, when Paul and I ventured to Ala Moana mall to get yet another pair of lime green crocs in a larger size, they were all out of lime green. We went with hot pink. Once we got them home, we realized that they were a bit large and we put them up in her closet to be used later. Well, they are still a bit large but the band on her lime green ones snapped and she's had a hard time walking in them with out the heal band (no, not every kid in Hawaii can walk in slippers). So, I pulled out the hot pink Crocs from her closet just to try them on her. I concluded that they were still a bit too large and that perhaps we would have to resort to tennis shoes for a while. But Éva wouldn't have it. She refused to take them off and that was just not a battle I wanted to pick.

Now she has her hot pink Crocs, adorned with a Roo Jibbitz on the left foot and a Lumpy on the right, and although a tad too big, she seems to be very happy with them.

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Tales from Goshen on September 10, 2008 at 7:02 PM said...

That is hilarious, because I just got B some olive-khaki colored Crocs at Rhea Lana's last night. They're a 6/7 and a smidge too big as well. They should last through next summer (B has very small feet). Well, B spotted them and WILL NOT part with them. She will sneak up to her room and put them on even if I've put something else on her. She loves them. I had to hide them last night so she'd forget about them and go to bed!