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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

More Fun at the Park

Last night, our family ventured to the park, yet again. When we first arrived, there was no one around and Éva had the entire play ground to herself. I, of course took the first few minutes of park time to shoot away with the camera without having to worry about maneuvering around little bodies to get good shots of my big girl. I got a few of her climbing all of the playground equipment and then a few of her trying to steal the soccer ball away from Paul. It wasn't long before the park was full of boisterous, laughing kiddos.

The first kid to show up after Éva was a 9 year old boy who immediately took an interest in Paul and I. Well, I think it was more of an interest in our digital SLR camera, but nevertheless, he didn't wander far from us throughout our stay at the park. He would follow me around for a while, talking non stop about this and that and other random things and then he'd head over to Paul and back and forth he went.

One mother brought her two children and proceeded to chase them around the playground wriggling her fingers up by her face as she spouted things like, "When I catch you I'm going to make a sandwich with your little toes and gobble up your sweet little ears." Her children would scream and run and then stop to allow their mother to get close enough to cause their adrenaline to surge before they rocketed off again with a high pitched squeal. This confirmed what I had always known as a child; it is most definitely the anticipation of being caught that makes a game of "chase" so much fun. Éva loved watching the kids and their mom run around the play ground and at one point, when the mom finally caught her little girl, Éva looked at me and shouted, "Wow! Momma, you see that?" I told her I had and laughed uncontrollably for a good few minutes.

As I observed the interaction between the mother and her children with a smile on my face, I wondered how Éva might react when the woman tried to include her in their game. I was sure her approach would send Éva running to me as she tends to be a very cautious little girl, but instead Éva giggled and ran in the opposite direction from where I was standing. She then began to follow the woman around just waiting with wide eyes a huge grin from ear to ear for her to turn around to do what she was threatening. Even Éva, at 2 years old, felt the need for a good adrenaline rush.

Meanwhile, Izzy sat in the stroller and flashed a few smiles for the camera. I know she's envious of her big sister. Getting to run around like that and climb all over the primary colored play ground. In time, my sweet Izzy. In a very short time.

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