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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Time with Mazie and Yosie

Paul's parents came into town Thursday evening to spend some time with Éva and to meet their newest grandchild (number 12 for them I think), Izzy.

Éva, being her cautious self, was somewhat hesitant with them at first, but she and Mazie (grandma) soon became friends as Mazie walked all over the house, pretending not to see Éva anywhere. It seemed to intrigue Éva to watch Mazie look high and low, behind couch cushions and under her bean bag. And when Mazie finally "found" her, Éva squealed with excitement and they've been buddies ever since.

Yosie (grandpa) was a different story. Éva's hesitance with people never ceases to shock me. Yosie is the sweetest man with the happiest face and he ADORES his grandbabies. But for some reason, it took Éva a bit longer to warm up to him. He finally won her over by offering to take her to her most favorite place...the park.

Izzy is Éva's complete opposite in that area and will go to anyone! She LOVES a new face (like her momma) and will smile and coo at anyone who will give her any attention. So, she's a big hit with the grandparents!

We're so happy that they were able to take some time to come out here and visit. We love having the girls around family. It just doesn't happen often enough living out here in the middle of the Pacific. However, they do have their Uncle Ryan and Aunt Jacquie and we're so blessed for that. But we look forward to the beginning of next year and being able to make sure that all the grandparents get ample bonding time with the girls.

2 comments on "Time with Mazie and Yosie"

Emily said...

How about when Paul looks just like his dad!!!!! Holy genetics!

Tales from Goshen on October 18, 2008 at 7:06 PM said...

Hey, pray for me this weekend, we're heading up to NWA to see Brooklyn & August's grandparents on the other side. Always appreciate divine intervention on those visits. Love yoU!