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Friday, October 17, 2008

Roo's Sad

This morning, after Éva woke up and had some cereal, she asked if she could watch her Heffalump movie. I approved and turned it on for her.

For those of you who haven't seen it, about 10 minutes into the movie the familiar characters of Winnie the Pooh discover that a dreaded Heffalump has been in the Hundred Acre Wood. Because of this, they launch a plan to go in to the unknown Heffalump Hollow to catch one. As everyone practices their lasso skills on a barrel with a heffalump drawn on the front, Roo is told by Rabbit (who is quite bossy) that he is simply too young to join the expedition. Roo, of course is sad and turns around to trudge home as his mother is calling him in the distance.

Well, Éva almost always turns to tell me that "Roo is sad" at this point in the movie, but today after informing me once again that Roo was sad, she then put her arms out toward the TV, made her sweetest, poutiest face and said, "C'mere Roo. I'll hold you."

Too sweet.

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