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Friday, October 24, 2008

Yard Work

My in-laws are the type of people that cannot stay sitting for too long. I believe it's what has kept them so young. Yosie is in his early 70's but you'd never know it if you spent any time with him. He's still a young buck at heart.

And Masie...always cleaning, cooking or crocheting. She keeps me busy when she's here. We go to the commissary about three times a week, the thrift store, Wal-mart and to the post office so she can send out her mass array of post cards bragging to all of her friends and family that she is in Hawaii and they are not. Not really...they are really sweet notes about how much she wishes they were here.

And yard work is almost always a part of their visit. This makes me feel a bit bad. Paul and I are horrible when it comes to the yard. Well, me more-so then Paul...he'll at least keep in cut and green. Maybe because we know that your home here is so temporary. It's hard to invest yourself into a house when you know that in three short years, you'll be moving on and the house will be staying only to be inhabited by the next family who will have it for three more years and so on down the line.

But Mazie and Yosie take one look at our yard and it disagrees with them. They immediately start plotting all the things that need to be done. Mazie will go outside whenever she's on the phone and pull weeds and Yosie will go out there and rake every few days. Paul will usually go out there to help...but not me. No pretending here. I HATE yard work. Sorry Mom. Maybe one day, when I have my own house I'll take pride in planting a colorful little garden in the front, but not now.

But I'm glad to see that they are trying their best to keep √Čva from inheriting her mother's not-so-green thumb.

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Paul Cortez on October 24, 2008 at 11:14 AM said...

Man, please. I'm always out there doing this and doing that. Maybe you should take a cue from the 2378462783462837 other women around our neighborhood who go out and do a little work around the yard. Just sayin.......