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Saturday, October 24, 2009

One for the Weekend

Edie over at Life In Grace posted a recipe a few days ago for a yummy looking apple bar. I took one look at this recipe and just HAD to make it. I had no choice!

However, the original recipe isn't as, shall we say, figure friendly as I would need it to be in order for it to be allowed in my kitchen.

So, I made some adjustments. You can view the original recipe here...but if you want to slim it up a bit, you can follow mine (I also cut her recipe in half so I could fit it in a tart pan instead of a jelly roll pan):

Figure Friendly Apple Tart

2 cups unbleached AP flour
1/4 tsp salt
1 cup splenda
1 1/2 sticks of vegetable oil sticks for baking (I used I Can't Believe It's Not Butter sticks)
2 Granny Smith apples peeled and sliced (but I think pears or peaches or plums would do nicely too!)

First you combine 2 C. flour, 1/4 t. salt and 1 C. sugar.
Then, cut in 1/2 sticks of "butter." The mixture will be crumbly and I recommends you use your hands. Press about 2/3's of this crumbly mixture into a tart pan.

Layer the apple slices over the shortbread mixture.
Combine 1/4 C. splenda and 1 t. cinnamon, sprinkle it over the apples.
Crumble the remaining flour/sugar/butter mixture on top of the apples.
Bake it at 350 degrees for 50 - 60 minutes...until it is crispy on the bottom.

After it bakes, let it cool.


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