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Monday, October 12, 2009

Playground Mischeif

A few nights ago, I took the girls over the little park across the street from our house. When we first arrived, we had the park all to ourselves, but shortly thereafter, it was teaming with kids ages 1 (Izzy) to 12.

Eva is fascinated by "big kids" and I'm always in awe of how quickly she can go from the uber independent persona of "I can do it by myself" to a naive little follower in the blink of an eye once the older kids show up.

This particular evening, she found a couple of boys closer to her age and began her quest for friendship by following them around the playground. At one point, all three of them were up at the top of the slide and before they started to make their descent, this is what I overheard...

blonde haired boy: "Oh yeah, well my dad is 100 ft tall!"

brown haired boy: "Well, my dad has way bigger muscles than your dad!"

blonde haired boy: "Well, my dad is faster than superman and he could run away from your dad and your dad could never catch him!"

brown haired boy: silence....in deep thought..."well, my mom is way hotter than your mom!"

blonde haired boy: no words...he's stunned...lines have been crossed...

Eva: "Okay guys, I'll go down first."

That's my girl...already fulfilling her God-given role as a female to ignore the testosterone comparisons when they rear their ugly heads!

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