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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Early Rituals

We all have our morning rituals. For example, Paul's ritual begins by reaching over and turning off the alarm on his phone every morning at 5:45 and lying in bed until he finally gets up at 6:30. He needs this time, supposedly, to "wake up." This is followed by a hurried frenzy of shaving, brushing teeth, putting his uniform on and grabbing a quick bite downstairs in the kitchen. Funny enough, his nightly ritual is to vow that he's going to get up earlier the next morning, to which I sarcastically reply, "riiiiiiight."

My ritual begins by rolling out of bed when I hear the first "Mom!" usually around 6:30. I go grab the girls from bed and we trudge downstairs in our half-awake stupor. I fix them some milk, change Izzy's diaper, and stumble into the kitchen where the coffee pot is waiting for me...as is the dishwasher.

Approximately half an hour later, after I've had my first cup of coffee and checked my email and the girls are wide awake, I fix them breakfast. Eva usually wants cereal or waffles and Izzy just eats whatever I've fixed for Eva. But on the mornings when they have cereal, Izzy MUST have the box. She's a box reader!


I am not one of those "read while I eat" kind of people. Paul is. Paul needs something to read WHENEVER he eats. Apparently, Izzy takes after her father in this area.


It's just funny to me, that already before the age of 2, Izzy has her own little morning ritual. It will be interesting to see if this is something she keeps up.


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Katie on December 16, 2009 at 5:26 PM said...

Wow! Your girls stay in bed. Well, I suppose Izzy would. ;) But Liam comes into our room when he wakes where I try to get him to go back to bed with me, but fail every morning.