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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Eva talks incessantly. Like, all the time. Like, sometimes Paul and I actually have to ask her to stop talking for a second so we can talk. And I love it. I love that she wants to talk to us and that her mind is constantly going. But sometimes, I just need her to stop. SO I can think...hear other things...function.

fashion 2

In all of this constant jabber, Paul and I sometimes notice a word escape her sweet mouth that we don't quite see fit for that particular sentence. For example...

Eva wears a pull-up to bed. She is potty trained, but still has night time accidents more often than not and so she wears a pull-up. In the mornings after an accident-free night, she'll wake up and exclaim loudly, "Look Mom, I drive!" Which, in Eva land means "Look Mom, I'm DRY."
Or, if we're in a store and Eva suddenly feels the need to use the ladies room, she'll tug on my shirt and say, "Mom, I need to go peep."


Or, say you ask Eva if she would like some yogurt for a snack. If she wouldn't, than instead of giving you a simple "no", Eva would say "no, I didn't," as she shakes her head, giggling.

Tinker Bell

Or, if you tell Eva that there is something that she needs to do, and hasn't done like clean her room, her response would be a frustrated, "Yes, I am." Which, in Eva land means, "yes, I did."


All of these little Eva-isms make for many laughter filled conversations and in their own little way, keep me grounded and calm when I might otherwise be inclined to fly off the handle for no good reason.

I mean who could be upset at someone who desperately needs to go "peep" in the middle of a commissary excursion?


3 comments on "Eva-isms"

Erin on December 29, 2009 at 10:03 AM said...

So cute! I'd be cracking up all day if I got to hang out with her!

Great photos too, like always!

Hey There! I'm Christy. on December 29, 2009 at 10:05 AM said...

Little ones are so precious!! By the way I LOVE your Header pic!!

Emily said...

She is SO going to hate you for this post when shes 13.