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Thursday, April 2, 2009

It's all Fun and Games...

Izzy loves watching Eva do just about anything. Whether it's twirling in the living room in her Snow White dress, reading a book, or talking to her daddy, in Izzy's opinion, Eva is the most interesting person ever!

Eva has started to take great pride in this. About once every day, Izzy will start giggling at something Eva is doing and it seems to fuel Eva's fire to entertain! Once she figures out what it was that got Izzy's tickle box turned over, Eva will repeat the action with gusto until the amused belly laughs fade into a sweet courtesy chuckle.

Yesterday, it was a game of peek-a-boo. Eva would crouch down under Izzy's high-chair tray and as Izzy would lean as far forward in her seat as possible, trying to see where Eva had disappeared to, Eva would pop up and say, "BOO!" Izzy's laughs were infectious. No matter how many times Eva did this, Izzy laughs never faded. They were always as genuine as the time before.

I watched and took pictures until, the inevitable happened. Eva hit the bridge of her nose on the bottom of the high-chair tray and the tears soon followed. Izzy seemed to understand that the mis-hap marked the end of the play session and nonchalantly focused her attention back onto the few cheerios she had left while Eva somberly trudged to me looking for a cuddle and a kiss.

The moment was gone. It's just like Momma used to say, "it's all fun and games 'til someone hits their nose on a high-chair."

1 comments on "It's all Fun and Games..."

emily said...

so true! its never fun once you hit your nose on the highchair! it sweet that they get along so well. miss you :)