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Friday, April 24, 2009

More Spring Pics

I'm so sorry guys for all the pics of the girls outside but I'm lovin' Spring time up here. I cannot get enough of the dandelions and green grass and the cool breeze. Minus some very wet, rainy days, the last week or so has been very nice.

I love watching Eva wonder around our yard in search of another fuzzy dandelion to blow into the breeze across the grass. She sings to herself and slowly drifts her gaze back and forth just taking it all in. She's got an adventurous spirit, I can tell. It may not be the Indiana Jones type adventure that she'll seek in her life, but I sense an overall appreciation for the things around her and a true contentment when she's exploring. She loves nature. Animals, bugs, grass, flowers, rain, clouds, snow, dirt, fences, trees...if it's outside, she likes it!

Izzy loves nature too...she loves to put it in her mouth. That little stinker!

2 comments on "More Spring Pics"

emily said...

I love that you look at dandelions and think 'pretty flowers' while my husband, and I think most people, look at them and think 'weed' I just love your take on life sometimes.

The lady of the house... on April 29, 2009 at 12:22 PM said...

oh my, I think I just happened upon another blog to add to my list....I'm going to have to make my kids a bigger breakfast so I have more time in the morning to peek into all these lovely lives.
It's nice to "meet" you...I am inspired by your photos and your outlook on life.
Grace for today....