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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Back for Sure

Well, it's been a long sabbatical but I feel I'm ready to continue on with the regularly scheduled programming of my life and blogging is a huge part of that for me. It's my outlet, my therapy and a way to communicate with all of the people that I love about my family.

I won't go into detail about why I needed this time off, but I will say that it has helped me put my life into perspective in a big way and I'll leave it at that.

So...what have we been up to, you ask. Well, I'll tell you...

Fresh Batch Cupcakes is off to a running start and after selling out at my first show, I sold a mere 15 and my last and only made $30. Phooey. But, it really wasn't my market. The show was on an island in Virginia that I like to refer to as St. Barths for rednecks. Many of the people in attendance were older and diabetic and therefore NOT in the market for cupcakes. Oh well, you live and learn I suppose. However I do plan on being at the Watermelon Festival in Richmond in August so hopefully, I'll do better there.

What are my flavors? Oh well that's a fun one. So far, I have a white chocolate strawberry, a dark chocolate raspberry espresso, pina colada, apple pie alamode and a strawberry orange cupcake. I'm working on a blackberry vanilla and a lemon blueberry for the next show to add to my list. I've also discovered that I should probably add some "plain" varieties for my more picky audience. So I'm thinking a chocolate with vanilla buttercream and a yellow with chocolate buttercream. All of my cupcakes are made in my home with my sister-in-laws jams and I even make my own buttercreams (which are my favorite part).

Can I ship them? Nope. Not at this time. Shipping cupcakes is much harder than it might seem. Flash freezing is required, overnight shipping, and some pretty technologically advanced packaging. As for now, I'm doing local fairs and festivals and hoping to do some local catering events too. I'll, of course be making them for the girl's birthday party at the end of the month and I've recieved an order for a baby shower recently as well. Fun stuff.

Other than that, we have been enjoying a hot Maryland summer. We've done ALOT of traveling in the last few months. Mostly heading down to Virginia to see family but also some fun day trips to DC. We've recently discovered Georgetown for ourselves and we're in love. I'm almost ready to abandon my farm dreams for a quaint townhome on 34th street. I love it. Hydrangeas in full bloom along the shady streets, adorable and unique shops and resturaunts and a crowd of locals that are diverse and trendy. Not that I fit into the "trendy" aspect of everything but it's still so much fun to admire.

And ofcourse, we found an adorable and trendy cupcakery called Georgetown Cupcakes. The sisters that started this tiny bakery last year have been on Martha Stewart as well as Good Morning America for their politically decorated cupcakes but man, beyond being cute, those cupcakes are DELISH! Paul and I have been twice in the last month. We just can't get enough. The Key Lime cupcake is my all time favorite! Although I do really like the White Chocolate Raspberry. Paul's in love with the Chocolate Mint.

The girls are great and we're about to celebrate their first and third birthdays! Eva is insistent on a "Little Mermaid Ariel" party as she calls it and literally screams out in excitement whenever we see anything Little Mermaid related. I'm afraid poor Izzy will have to endure it. I've lucked out this year as Izzy is not old enough to really have an opinion on the matter, or at least she's not old enough to express it. But next year, I could have some trouble on my hands. Let's just pray that they both love the same things at that time.

And as much as it still rubs me a little wrong to be in "Disney Princess Land" already in my home, it is the perfect summer theme when you stop to think about it. Water games in the back yard? Bubbles? Bathing suits? All very well suited for a Mermaid party I'd say.

So that's where we are now. I'll be back tomorrow. I'm ready to get back into the swing of things for sure! I've missed you guys!!!

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Patrice on July 3, 2009 at 7:10 AM said...

I am so excited you're back and am so proud of you.