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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pics from the Past

It's the not-to-distant past. I realized this morning that I did not have any pics up of our first show at the Ashland Strawberry Faire. I did really well at that show. I sold out of every cupcake except my corncake with hot pepper jelly. I really LOVE that cupcake, but I guess it's just a bit too different for fair goers to wrap their brains around. Perhaps I'll send it into Martha Stewart. She might would get a kick out of it!

Kim did really well too! People were all over her Aloha Jam (wich is pineapple jam with a bit coconut added to it) as well as her Strawberry Splash (strawberry jelly with a bit of pure orange extract added). If you're interested in trying a few of her new varieties, go to www.freshbatchjams.com and order a few!

Anyway, it ended up being a family affair. Masie and Yosie came and Yosie, Paul and Mitch and swapped out shifts for child care while Kim, Kay, Masie and I mostly manned the booth but stepped away for the mommy only emergencies. The kids had such a great time running around and we had a great spot in the shade. Paul and I walked away from our first cupcake experience with high hopes and a little change in our pockets. This was definitely motivation to continue with Fresh Batch Cupcakes, but to be honest, it was just plain fun spending time with family. I love that this business that is Kim's creation has become something that the whole family can participate in, in their own way! It's really fun.

Kim being silly and me in a daze with a big bowl of chocolate espresso buttercream in my hands....buttercream has that affect on me.

The women of Fresh Batch Jams and Cupcakes

Izzy and Yosie...or Yo Yo as he is also affectionately known.

Masie-Mas with a few of her grandbabies

Eva and her cousin whom she always enjoys playing with! This is a game of chase, I believe.

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