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Friday, July 3, 2009

Music for the Season

I tend to listen to one CD at a time. I know, I'm so not cool that I don't have an IPOD or an Iphone, I just have the CD player in my mini-van. Dork city over here, just accept it as I have.

Anyway, when I listen to a CD, there's a process. My first time with the new disc is me listening to about 15 seconds of each song, and then going back to ones I found particularly intersting. Once I have my favorites memorized to the point that I'm causing traffic accidents due to drivers watching me rock out in the driver's seat, I start to explore the other songs on the CD. Sometimes this works out and I find that I have an entire album's worth of favorite songs on one disc. And others, I just deal with the fact that I spent $15 on a CD that I really only love about 5 tracks on and move on.

Two years ago, my sister-in-law gave me a Ginny Owens CD. I already loved Ginny and had her "Without Condition" album. Anna gave me Ginny's "Something More" album and I have to be honest, I didn't listen to it for about a year. It was placed on top of my closet and forgotten about until about a year ago when I pulled it out and gave it a spin. I immediately loved a few of the songs and now it's just a staple in my 6 disc changer. It seems that with every season of life that I've experienced in the past year, Ginny has a song just for me on that album. It's helped me worship, be thankful, let go of things I have no control over and even encouraged my prayer life. And then there's times when it helps me get through heart break and disappointment. This song is truly amazing

This Road

A million miles away from anything familiar
a thousand places I would rather be
so I choke back the tears and try to find the bright side
though I find it hard to see beyond my suffering
in my heart I know your plan is so much bigger
but this small part is all that I can see
and I believe you haven't left me here to wander
still I can't help but ponder where you're leading me

and I ask why this road
why this way
and this load
tell me how far must I go
till I see
till I know
why this road

A million miles away from anything familiar
what was it like to be so far from home
though you came in love
the world misunderstood you
there must have been some days when you felt so alone
but you endured, cause there was joy before you
joy that came because you sacrificed
Since you gave yourself just to spend forever with me
surely I can trust you'll lead me through my darkest times
when I ask why....


From here I can not see
why you'd choose this path for me
but I don't have to understand to believe
that you know why
You know why this road
why this way
and this load
you know how far I must go
till I see
till I know
why this road


I hope it speaks to you the way it has to me!

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~Sarah on July 6, 2009 at 6:48 PM said...

There's no problem with listening to one CD at a time :). I do that all the time when I'm driving.