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Monday, July 13, 2009

Family Reunion

This past Thursday night, Paul and I and the girls drove down to Virginia Beach to spend the weekend for a family reunion of sorts. It was 3 days of sitting by the pool, enjoying a few margarita's, watching all the cousins swim and play and chit-chatting about all the comfortable things families chit-chat over as we sun-bathed in brightly painted beach chairs. The guys played some kind of bean-bag game (and the competition got pretty serious there for a game involving bean-bags and a bunch of grown men) as the ladies kept watch over the kiddos and did our best to get some semblance of a tan.

We stayed with Mitch and Kim and Kim and I maintained our tradition of staying up WAY too late making jam, and this time, cupcakes! And let me just tell you, Kim made Blackberry jam and WOW! It's my new favorite. I think I say that every time she makes something new, but they're just all SOOO good.

My nephew and I played a few rounds of chess, there was a pinata, a fire pit, smore's, shrimp, water balloons, BBQ, pina coladas, drink umbrellas, a sack race, and a lot of good, family fun. And of course, Paul ran around all weekend getting good pics. I didn't take any of these, they're all Paul.

Bubbles in the front yard with Brittany and Brianna. Bubbles is Eva's most favorite thing to do!

This is Ryan. He's Brittany's long-time boyfriend. He's the greatest. He not only helped me remember how to play chess, but he entertained the smaller kids for hours so that the mommies could have a break. Brittany...he's got my vote!

Yummy shrimp on the barbie! I've never peeled shrimp before so this was a new experience for me. I have to admit, tearing off the legs was a bit unnerving for me, but once I put the first little sucker in my mouth, my nerves were instantly smoothed!

A sack race...of course. I fell on my hiney. There are no pics of this, thank goodness!

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