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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fire Bees

Last night, my sister, the girls and I all sat on our small front porch and watched the rain. I love the cool breeze that comes just before the first few droplets make their way to the ground. I love the smell of rain and the sound it makes when it hits the pavement. I love watching the leaves on the flowers bend as they catch each tiny drop knowing that they're being fed and nourished and that they'll be beautiful tomorrow!

The four of us sat there for a while watching the rain go through it's phases. Beginning with the single drops that make their way onto random spots like the tip of your nose or your elbow or the exact place on your head where your hair is parted. And then it comes on steady and strong, sometimes accompanied by rolling thunder or flashing lightning, and then finally, it begins to subside.

This particular shower went through it's phases in a matter of minutes. And when the sky was clear of drops and the ground was wet, Eva ran out into the yard and did a few twirls, splashed in a few puddles and then turned around to look at me with an intense excited look on her face. She ran as fast as she could until she reached me and screamed..."FIRE BEES!"

Fire Bees are apparently Eva's name for lightning bugs and I must say, I like it! We laughed and sat for a bit longer until the sweet breeze melted into the humidity and then we made our way back inside.

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Liz on July 30, 2009 at 7:29 AM said...

Precious. Just precious!